About Us

Duct Products was established in 1988 and have now been providing quality service within the ventilation trade from that date to customers throughout Northern Ireland and Great Britain.  Duct Products Limited has continued to grow during these years due to the strong support from its customers, the reputable name of our suppliers and, our dedicated team of employees within the company.

Duct Products is part of Elta Group, a family of air movement manufacturing businesses with operations on three continents which, together with a network of international distributors, provides quality fans, Air Handling Units, Car Park Ventilation systems and related air movement equipment to customers worldwide.

As a result of this, In 2000, Duct Products Limited re-located to larger premises in Newtownards enabling the company to manufacture spiral ductwork and fittings therefore, increasing our competitive edge.

Duct Products is essentially a distributor of ventilation products, expanding its product portfolio since its inception, from grilles, louvres, diffusers and dampers, to spiral ductwork and fittings, fans and air handling units and everything ventilation related in between.  We specialise in the manufacturing of grilles, louvres, diffusers and Thanet volume control dampers which is unique to Northern Ireland, alongside this we manufacture spiral ductwork and fittings, offering flexibility through the manufacture of specific non-standard sizes of products for customers’ requirements.

Our experienced sales team work closely with consulting engineers and contractors to meet their air movement requirements with quality products, many of which are available directly from stock in Newtownards. The extensive range of products means there are very few requirements that Duct Products cannot meet.

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